Since 2008

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Everything About Crêpes is a family-owned and operated mobile crêperie and catering company specializing in various crêpe services.

We’ve been in business since 2008 yet the family history in crêpe making goes back much further. With our European background we know exactly how important it is to produce the right tasting crêpe and of course the right ambiance at any event!  With that said, all our crêpes are made soft yet crispy, golden brown and full of flavor and deliciousness!

We have been fascinating our clients and their guests for almost a decade with our crêpe making skills, aesthetically pleasing crêpe stations and the most delicious crêpes that one will ever eat!  Our ingredients are always fresh and of the highest quality.

Our crêpes are a healthy and delicious alternative to the typical fatty deep fried foods and the same old, same old boring food choices.  Additionally, we have the capability of offering
organic, gluten free & vegetarian crêpes and food options sourced from our local farm, Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

We encourage you to reserve our services with no hesitation no matter how small or large your event, as we have the proven experience and long lasting reputation to perform all services well above industry gold standard.  We always guarantee top notch services along with the best tasting crêpes and most competitive prices amongst any other crêpe caterers.

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